Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Daily Scoop @ Sunset Way

When i first heard that there's a very nice ice cream parlour in Sunset Way, i was super excited since there is a direct bus from my workplace and it's merely a few stops away.

However, i wasn't impressed after having a few scoops of ice cream, which were mostly gelato; a variant i am not really keen. An ice cream should be creamy, rich, sweet, milky and fattening!!

That was a year ago. It was not till three days ago i realised, with horror, that i had gone to the wrong ice cream cafe!!!

Sunset Way is more than just the housing blocks filled with good food and I blindly stepped into Gelato Art!!! So paiseh!!! I have mistakenly told many friends that the supposedly famous ice cream parlour was seriously "no big deal"!

Well, better late than never, the gang of four finally got the destination right this time after driving beyond the housing blocks and underneath a disused overhead railway track.

Following an argument watched with amusement by the staff, we finally agreed on one serving of waffle, another serving of brownie and a total of five scoops of ice cream. I was seriously famished after having only coffee for lunch!

The ice-cold bowl above had a large scoop each of cherry brandy and mango magic.

I thought the alcoholic ice cream was not as exciting as my favourite rum and raisin and the amount of brandy was quite negligible.

Mango magic was another story altogether. It was one of the best mango ice cream i ever have with bits of mango (and some leaves thingy) that affirmed its natural freshness!

Having a freshly made hot waffle in the midst of cold weather conjures an image of satisfying relaxation. Add a few scoops of ice cream and you know you have THAT perfect remedy to de-stress.

The pur-pearl rice ice cream was nice although the equivalent pulut hitam ice cream from Island Cremery was more memorable in terms of taste.

Minty mint was surprisingly white in color; i sorta expected it to be greenish. Refreshingly cool with blocks of solid chocolate, i have never had another minty ice cream as delicious as this one!

Brownie topped with a scoop of durian-durian seemed like a weird and may be even wrong combination but the gang of four was damn impressed with this item!

The soft brownie was fluffy without being overly filled with ingredients like nuts! It was not too sweet and the chocolatey taste was just right.

On durian ice cream, i am forever stuck in limbo.

The Daily Scoops' version was definitely better than the one i had in Udders (which had supposedly the best durian ice cream).

However, i was complaining that since it tasted exactly like the real durian, i might as well get my fill on the 'real' thorny durians in Geylang.


Just to give you an example on the overall review, Ms Tan and Mr Kon would love to stay around that area and have their fill of ice cream in The Daily Scoop on a daily basis! That really said how much they enjoy the ice cream there.

41, Sunset Way, 01-04,
Clementi Arcade

Please refer to the location above for another branch (i heard it has very nice decor) near Holland Village.

One Scoop - S$3.00
Two Scoops - S$5.20
Waffle Set* - S$5.50
Brownie Set* - S$5.50

*includes only one scoop of ice cream

Additional Information
Other flavours include Green Tea and Red Bean, Lemon Sherbet, Honey Vanilla, Cookie Monster, Butterscotchpecan and many more.

Takeaway pack is also available!

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