Thursday, April 29, 2010

Duck Rice and Porridge (鸭饭, 鸭粥) @ Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House (林成利鴨飯餐室)

Remember the pack of duck rice i had at Kent Ridge Park?

Judging from the bloody full stomach at that point of mind, i am not sure if my taste buds were conked out. They could react like the aftermath of an alcohol intoxication where everybody looks everything tastes delicious!

Today, i am back at the shop itself, with Hannah, who decided to skip her exercise session to join me!!

Her brittle bones were apparently hurting her. Wahahahaha.

Anyway, efficiency was the call for Lim Seng Kee and our order of duck rice for two was delivered within 5 minutes! That's fast food standard!!

The duck was carved thinly without any traces of bones and spread over slices of fresh, crunchy cucumber! Covered with a layer of sauce, the meat actually tasted quite normal.

What makes a big difference that has people commenting that this is one of the best braised duck rice in Singapore, is their unique sauce.

It was slightly sweet, with an obvious herbal taste that left a very nice aftertaste that made you crave for more. 

This was the kind of sauce that you can eat bowls and bowls of plain rice with!!

An additional order of sambal kangkong was served. Untypical of most sambal kangkong, the one here did not have that lip burning chilli sensation, which was good (for me).

Both Ms Lim (a super chilli person) and I loved this!


Need i say more?
I will be back!!

38 South Buona Vista Road.
Quite near to Haw Par Villa.

Closed on Sunday hor!!

Duck Rice (for two) and Lime Juice (for two too!) - S$13.00
Sambal Kangkong - S$3.00

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