Sunday, April 18, 2010

Night's Out @ Kent Ridge Park

This was so impromptu after our heavy meal at Ju Shin Jung.

Korny informed us of a very famous braised duck rice stall along Buona Vista Road. The intention was only to purchase one packet to be shared between us. 

A place was needed (to eat of course) and we agreed on Kent Ridge Park for its close proximity! The gang does this kind of things quite frequently.

Struggling to drive up the quiet, eerie road in the drizzling weather, we saw at a far distance, a ball of fire illuminating the dark sky. This generated some interest as we were just looking for a place with some chairs and light to eat the duck rice.

Here's a closer look. The fire originated from the Bukom island and should be the waste product for some heavy industry machineries (or maybe incinerator?).

Before we could even start on the food, cam whore Alex needed his artistic fix.

A tank was also situated in the park for more camwhore sessions!! We realised there was quite a number of such "weapons" in the park.

But tiredness had seeped in (for me) and soon, we were on our way....... to IKEA and Anchorpoint! That's how impromptu we are!!  

In my mental note though, i told myself to take one saturday or sunday morning to explore this Kent Ridge Park and see what gems i can uncover in this supposedly boring island (i disagree btw).

Forgot about the duck rice. It was delicious with a thick, heavily herbalised gravy! Next time, i must try it at the shop itself!

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