Friday, April 09, 2010

La Petite Cuisine (Once Again) @ Serene Centre

My first post was HERE!
Thanks to Alex, i am back at La Petite!!!
This time, with an empty stomach!

Typical of French culture (or is it European?), alfresco dining is available if you don't mind the smog coming in from the main road. It can get pretty romantic when night falls with the addition of tea lights.

For me, i prefer to see what i am eating.

Potato soup! According to Alex, the more he drank it, the more he liked it!

A piece of breadroll (with butter) FOC for every main course. It's so blissful when you spread the butter on the bread and dipped it in the creamilicious soup!

I am usually not very adventurous unless there's a dare or it's a new place i am dining. Hence, Confit de Canard with Gratin AGAIN!!

Portion was smaller than the last one i had. Unexpectedly, it tasted better even though it's a Chinese lady chef (not the funny French chef). Weird right??

The skin was crispy without ozzing too much oil when you bit it and the meat actually tasted delicious this time without being overly gamey.

As usual, the gratin was fabulous! Besides butter, it's highly probable that minced meat was used to make us love it so much!

This concluded the short food trip.
Work is so tight, i seldom have the brain cells to blog!

The worst thing? It's gonna get worse!!
For the address of La Petite, please refer to my first posting HERE.

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