Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - Money No Enough 2

Like books and food, movie reviews are always subject to individual tastes and preferences. I have always been mindful of Straits Times' movie reviews, starting from Mr Kelvin Tong, who has done a great job with movie directorship (I love The Maid) although i beg to differ on his movie reviews.

I learnt that movies with ratings above average by him werev not really my cup of tea. However, i did enjoy one show rated just 1 star (or is it 1/5?) by Mr Tong. I stopped believing in his reviews although i did take a more objective and trustable outlook for other reviewers. That was, until i saw the review for Money No Enough 2; a pathetic 1.5 upon 5!

Rubbing my eyes, i tot i needed a new prescription for my glasses.

It was unbelievable because i really enjoyed the first Money No Enough and tot it to be realistic and entertaining. I was even intending to break the promise to watch the new instalment with my mom (since 12 Lotus is coming up and im a poor guy). With a heavy and somewhat suspicious heart, i procrasinated for a week before finally watching it on a Wednesday!

Half-filled with aunties and uncles at around 6.20pm, the theatre is crowded for a weekday movie before 7pm. Curtain rolls and the first scene of ERP (or EPR) gantries were abit unnerving for me, since i drive. Luckily, mine is a weekend car. Hahaha.

As the story flowed, i felt scenes of happines, sadness, realism, past events etc. I can associated myself with the characters; with the love that the mother has for her 3 sons; with the faith that the wives has for the husbands; with the greed that everyone seems to be so obscessed with; with the dilemma of who to take care of the old ones; with the cruelty (but helplessness) acts that the sons have performed.

It was DIFFERENT from the first movie!

Everything in the movie was part and parcel of life. Sooner or later, we have to go through it (not all, but at least some). Maybe we are even going through it now. The movie tugged our heart strings; laughter ringed frequently, and tears just cannot stopped themselves from accumulating and dropping. There was also this extremely fabulous and meaningful hokkien song by 江蕙 - 家后.

It is a GREAT movie.

I was commenting to my mom after the movie. Maybe we should consider sponsoring tickets to some of our "dearest" relatives

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