Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't like Books? Too BAD!!

Terminated another book! Yes, i know i have complained to many that i am feeling stressed over my projects and also felt sick due to my heart condition, but well, books are a source of relaxation!!!! Hm... I normally stretched my day until the wee hours just to finish a book. That shows how book hungry i am!! Inevidently, i normally feel a lack of sleep after tat!! Lol. .

Anyway!! Another Jeffrey Archer book! Guys and gals, take my advice and read his books. It's really good and will make you crave for more!!

This book, Honour Among Thieves, is the 3rd book i am reading from him. And surprisingly, this book is unlike the few books i read. A bit of a fantasy and it involved public figures that both you and me will know; President Bill Clinton, ex-president of USA, and Saddam Hussein, ex-president or should i say deposed president of Iraq. Those who dunno what e fuck i am saying, please read the newspapers frequently.

Summarising without revealing too much, in case i am killed by some of my friends who are also following his books, this book narrated a plot by the then-President of Iraq to teach a lesson to the then-President of USA. 

There are two main characters; a professor on law and a Israeli Mossad agent. Like wat i said before, i found it entertaining, revealing the factual information of Iraqis and also the Kurds, plus the intelligence of Israel. It may be a bit far fetched on how the plot really comes about, with too many hints and pointers that can readily solve the mystery.

I hope i didn't reveal too much. And i hope i can finish another book tonight so that i can concentrate on projects tomorrow… Wish me luck ppl… I need a holiday.. By the way, rating for this book is 7/10

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