Saturday, August 13, 2005


I bet load of you don't what the hell or where the hell this is. For those who used to study near Ngee Ann Polytechnic, you should know because it USED to be at Bukit Timah Plaza. But as i said, it USED to be so where the fu*ck is its new location? Actually i did not know much on this place; yes, I went to the one at Bukit Timah Plaza once and i only ordered a drink! I was not so much of a foodie then (was more health conscious then).

Anyway, time changes and so has the mentality. I am very much a foodie now so i will surf websites like Makansutra and etc etc for good food!! And i happened to fall in love with waffles after i ate one in Cafe Cartel. So i checked throught the net (my projects had offered loads of training for web searching) and found a place called Waffletown, somewhere near Newton Mrt station, which offers great fried chicken. Though this doesn't satisfy my initial choice, i do love fried chicken too.

So off i went one great afternoon, driving my dear old toyota corolla.

It didn't take me long to find it and i parked right outside the row of shophouses that house waffletown. Yes, illegally.. Im a poor guy okay? I need to save and scrimp on expenses like parking. ANYWAY, the shop looked well.. normal. It has some seats outside but like the usual pampered me and a fucking spoilt and pampered Alex, i have to sit inside to enjoy the cold aircon.

At first glance, it looked like some family owned cafe and there was only a couple (lesbians) seated outside. I glanced through the menu and realised one thing; for a not so branded food outlet, it does charge quite high prices! And im just a poor guy…..

Fried Chicken
I heard it's good mah so i try lor! When compared to KFC, it comes in Original or i should say it looked more like the original type from KFC. I ordered two pieces and added $1.80 for e set that came with potato salad, coleslaw and a drink. For one, their drink was so damn small lor!! And i only ordered one to share with Alex. Anyway, back to topic, the fried chicken tasted reli good!! I can tell u, for those fat-conscious ladies or metrosexuals out there, the fat was reli minimal! It's only well.. skin deep!! Not those fatty skin you find in KFC!! The taste was really great! Not too oily, just right for me. Price quite expensive though - $4 for two pieces, $5.80 for 3 pieces, additional $1.80 for set.

Rating 9.5/10.

The waffles were like Cafe cartel but cheaper! But came in a small portion lah~ A square waffle instead of the round one in Cafe Cartel. I dunno why but when i saw the square waffle, i was a bit sad. I am more into shape i guess, not long, not thick, just round and big~! Lol. You can choose a few flavours for the ice cream; normal ones so don't expect Hagen Daz Macadamia Nuts! The waffle's crust was thick and just of the right texture, not crispy like burnt bread and not too soft like normal bread, and with the ice cream on it, i finished the waffle before i finished the ice cream. Was the scoop too big or my waffle too small? Or was it the overall size? Anway the price was cheap at $2 for normal waffle wif butter and syrup. For ice cream waffle, i think it's $3.20 or $3.50. Im old liao lah!! So don't expect my memory to be like a 15 year old! But i have always been forgetful, even when i was 8.

Rating 8/10

Okay, that summed up the experience i had in Waffletown. I will recommend it of course, why not? The staff was friendly, the food was good, no crowd and best of all, no obnoxious chicken smell after coming out of the place!! Lol.

Forget to add, the place is at Balmoral Plaza i think. Along the road where Newton Mrt Station is located towards Novena road, turn left and go straight, the second bus stop is near to Waffletown.

Hm… Guess the next fast food i wana try is Carl’s Junior. The advertisement where Paris Hilton is featured is fabulous and makes me want to drool. Drool for the burger, not Paris. Im old and there's no more VITALISING energy. ;P

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