Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stress Stress Stress

It's been a long long time since i got so stressed…

The last time was my exams last semester.. But well, i am almost half way through this semester and im getting stressed again!! Projects' deadline are around the corner and it's confusing sometimes to have lecturers telling you different formats for submissions?!?! It's like one tell you put dick inside a vagina will lead to pregnancy and another telling you that putting the dick inside the mouth will lead to preganancy!! One is correct and one is wrong but which is wrong for those who are not sure!?!??!

Hm… Medicine is so advanced now and there's a possibility in the future to have a kid through impregnation by mouth. Shrugs. Never know.

Anyway, im dead tired now… Been so busy altering my report after i got back home from my one of project meeting. I volunteered to help out because i am the only one who is not working full time. But well, since i have time, might as well help out right? My other group members seem so tired over their work and projects. I can still relax but their day of relaxation on a Sunday is usually burnt doing projects!!

My days of having to work full time eventually is getting shorter… Another 9 more months before i end this fun life…. STRESSSS!! And somemore, i am faced with fun limitations since i don't have the financial capability to do so!! Sighz.. Win some, lose some~

Will talk about food another day. Been so busy with projects that i haven't been eating much these few days. My course mate commented that i have lost weight though!! Yippeee~~ A moment of happiness in the whirlpool of stress~~

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