Most of the pictures were shot using my new Nikon D7100, trusty Nikon D5000 (which is still surviving despite my rough handling), Panasonic Lumix TZ15 (no longer using it) and various models of iPhone (currently iPhone5) with a bit of photoshop for mainly minor adjustments in brightness and contrast.

To confirm my ownership for the photographs, you may note the words "" that i took pains to put on the pictures!

Numerous requests have been received to use the photographs in this blog for various purposes - my answer would be to go ahead and use them in the original format and credit them accordingly to my blog address (for example: Photo Credit:

That's it! ^_^

Need the photographs in higher resolution? 
Feel free to Contact Me


  1. I love the Layout of your Blog! And will always be a big fan :-) Would mean so much if you could check out mine too. Big fan!

    1. thank you so much! messages like your encourage me never to give up this blog! :)

  2. Replies
    1. second pic? my niece! So cute right?!

  3. The picture's very pretty.


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