Friday, December 27, 2019

Xmas 2019 - Unwrapping the Presents!

It's once again the Christmas festive period and while i didn't manage to bake any butter cookies this year; i managed to spend quality time with my family and friends which i think is way more important than the gifting and receipt of presents. 

Presents are still part and parcel of our custom, especially among colleagues whom we really wish to express our appreciation for their help over the past year. p.s. the presents were not for Jovyn; she was happy to see them though.

Roping in Jovyn just so she can help with the unwrapping of presents! I think it's really a kid's thing; they really enjoy tearing apart the wrapper and checking out the mystery gift hidden within. 

Problem was; she wasn't that nimble in her fingers and took a much longer time to remove the wrapper. Being much older and having had to wrap presents myself, i am also a lot more patient. She actually tore apart a box; thinking it's part of a wrapper! 

Finally done! Loving all the thoughts that went into the presents for me; a handy luggage scale, personalised towel, eco-friendly straws, a Burpple Beyond: 1-for-1 Dining Deals subscription and many more! I didn't have that many presents this year as a few groups of close friends decide to do away with presents and just meet up for a meal with tons of laughter! 

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