Thursday, December 19, 2019

Xin Sheng Gor Hiong Prawn Cracker (新生五香虾饼) @ Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre [Singapore] #tamanjuronghawkercentre

Many people were still having breakfast at Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre but this particular stall stood out as the food items for sale were typical for dinner and supper; not something you would normally eat at 10.00 am in the morning! 

I am not exactly normal (many friends would be able to attest to that) and to be honest; the two accolades on the signboard from two popular local food programmes attracted me to give Xin Sheng Gor Hiong Prawn Cracker a try.

Nicely plated with a generous serving of cucumbers (which you can request for more), i was expecting to be wowed by the deep fried platter consisting of fish cake, spring roll, prawn cracker, crispy prawn cracker, youtiao with cuttlefish meat and water chestnut cake.

Items that i would always order from a Gor Hiong Prawn Cracker stall and while i guess there would be hits and misses; the truth (after tasting the food) surprised me.

They were at most average and common items like prawns cracker and spring roll failed to impress; taste in general was too bland for my liking and i hate it when some items like prawn cracker and water chestnut cake had mushy insides. 

The accompanying chilli sauce was a saving grace and added a much needed oomph to the taste. For those who can't take chilli, i am sorry as the sweet sauce (the pink orangey one) was another disappointment; no taste! 


3 Yung Sheng Rd, #03-163,
Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre,
Singapore 618499


As above.

As above.

S$7.10 for the above

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