Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Monkey-Themed Bus Stops @ Aonang [Krabi, Thailand]

I walked a lot during my 4-day Krabi trip and there's one thing that stood out from the many souvenir shops, massage parlours and restaurants in Aonang; the appearance of monkey statues every now and then. 

Thinking they were photo spots for tourists; i didn't pay that much attention at them until my last day; when i needed to cross the busy road and noticed the two words, in red. 


My head turned behind and hold and behold; the place with monkey statues literally means it's a bus stop! And how come i don't remember seeing buses in the past few days?! 

My only guess is that i don't concentrate much on the vehicles traversing the road since there were plenty of shops attracting my attention. It's already quite good that i remember the monkey statues! 

Helpful info for tourists - the identification of the buses (including the local Thai songtahews) for route no 8415 and 8399. It's a pity i didn't know about it earlier as one of my intended places to visit would be the shell cemetery. 

It seems that different bus stops cater for different destinations; this one would bring us to the night market at 60 baht person and even to tiger cave temple at 150 baht per person. Maybe i should consider taking the local bus the next time i visit Krabi. Bet it will be interesting! 


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