Friday, December 13, 2019

The Kai Zai Bing (Chicken Biscuit) from 陶陶居 - Purchased in a Supermarket at Shenzhen [China]

The Kai Zai Bing (鸡仔饼 / Chicken Biscuit) i thought i knew from young was totally destroyed in March earlier this year after my visit to Guizhou and since then; i have been craving specific for the ones from China! 

When i decided to slot in a day to Shenzhen in the midst of my Hong Kong trip in July, i was adamant in getting to a local supermarket where i managed to find rows of 鸡仔饼 awaiting my purchase! 

Two boxes (陶陶居 brand) were purchased for testing purposes and each came with eight pieces that were individually packed; so eco-unfriendly and it would defeat the purpose of freshness if they turn out to be addictive.

Alex was absolutely smitten with the taste and before i knew it; we cleared two boxes within 24 hours! They tasted delicious but personally, they were not as good as the ones i got from Baiyun airport in Guangzhou (under the 莲香楼 brand) which was thicker, had a nicer flavour and filled with chunks of pork fat! 


Supermarket, Basement of Sun Plaza, 
Shenzhen, China

RMB 19.80 a box

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