Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Walking Round the Lake Opposite Longdu Jingyi International Hotel @ Kaili [Guizhou, China]

I didn't have a good sleep after what happened the evening before and since dad is an early riser; we got ready to explore the surroundings of Longdu Jingyi International Hotel on day seven of our Guizhou tour

The drum tower where i lost my six days worth of photographs. Even though it has been about 4 months, my heart continues to ache whenever i think of that day. 

Such is the irony; the tower is labelled as welcome guest pavilion (迎客亭). I am a guest yet the welcome i received via the form of a lost DSLR is not what i expected. Oh well, the fault is mine so let's not blame the drum tower built according to the Dong tribe custom and tradition.

Regardless the heavy emotion, i endeavoured to continue to enjoy myself for the rest of the tour. My only worry is that my dad would start to nag about my loss. His nagging is no joke as it can totally spoil your day! 

I didn't know the tiles were just stacked up as i thought they were glued or something. Hm... in event of strong wind, wouldn't they fly away? 

Dad was thankfully quite understanding and didn't say much except to act as a model for my photo-taking using the less than stellar iPhone Xr. 

View of the peaceful lake; i think it's man-made as baidu map didn't indicate even the name of it. There's a ferris wheel to the left but we heard from the tour guide that it has been there for a long time and she had yet to see it move. 

Long corridor; actually looked like this was a historical structure.

Almost dried-up canal; weather was still a bit chilly although relatively comfortable and not as cold as the first night we arrived in Guizhou.

Another view and with dad in it; the backdrop seemed so fake but i can guarantee you it's really that real and that nice! Maybe because it's not that near residential blocks, the place was relatively quiet and peaceful.

Longdu Jingyi International Hotel in the middle and the drum tower in front of it. As shown in the photo, there were a number of drum towers dotting the surrounding, including on the hill right behind the hotel where we stayed for the night.

Dad again! 

There's a structure that extended right to somewhere the middle of the lake and connection is via this bridge with a unique name that i learnt of in my last trip to China at Guilin. Time to check it out.

Yet again another view of the lake; without the DSLR, i am actually quite lost even though the mobile phone did a pretty good job except for the resolution. 

Entrance of the structure which felt more like a restaurant. However, there's no gate and others were also strolling in; so i guess we can also step in for a closer look.

Name of the bridge; Wind-Rain Bridge (风雨桥). English translation is terrible; basically, it's also known as flower bridge and is common in the areas like Hunan and Guangxi. Said to be one of the ten most unbelievable bridges in the world, its name of wind-rain bridge came about as it can help shelter, those walking on it, from the wind and rain.

In this case, the bridge was laid with tables on both sides and although didn't quite serve its original purpose; it's a no-choice thingy when the whole place was more a restaurant that's catered for the night, beer drinking crowd.

银秀宴 which i presume is the name of the restaurant; this notice served to inform diners that the fishes were from the natural spring water in the region and said to be specialties. 

Fishes in the tanks.

Large compound at the back; why didn't i realise this the night before? I should have grabbed a beer or two and soaked in the drinking vibe in China, especially needed after the loss! 

Right opposite is the imposing building of  "凯里民族文化馆"; a cultural museum that i stepped in the day before as it housed the retail store of a branded silverware company. 

My dad is actually happiest when surrounded by flowers and i recall that when we were living in the village at Nee Soon; he had a lot of flower pots under his care. Sadly, his son didn't inherit his green thumb.



  1. I think these photos taken with iphone xr is quite nice! sorry for the loss of your camera.

    1. thanks for your condolence... well, not bad photos but could have been better. :(


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