Sunday, July 21, 2019

Gyu Don and Bara Chirashi Don from Kogane Yama @ Bugis Junction [Singapore] #gyudon #chirashidon

Kogane Yama debuted in Singapore with its signature tendon that has the option of rice, udon or soba. Hence, it was a surprise to find donburi as an extended menu and i wouldn't have found out if not for the publicity poster outside! 

The pictures succeeded in attracting the four of us to step in for dinner and as i couldn't decide between Gyu Don and Bara Chirashi Don; Ms Chan suggested sharing between Ms Goh (who doesn't mind seafood / beef) and I for the best of both worlds! 

Gyoza - six pieces of pan-fried chicken dumplings to be shared among four of us! I am actually never a big fan of gyoza although i am not resisting to trying it in case they turn out to be tasty.

Maybe because the filling was chicken meat, instead of pork, it wasn't dry and tasted pretty good with a thin crisp skin. Furthermore, i thought the chef was rather generous with the meat!

Gyu Don - my first memory of gyu don was from a Japanese eatery in Junction 8 about two decades ago and since then, it's something i would likely order if it's on the menu.  

After a good mix (courtesy from Ms Goh who did a fantastic job), i took a big spoonful containing rice that had been mixed with the gooey onsen egg and a slice of wagyu beef slices. It was good and differing from competitors, there's a strong infusion of delectable garlic; likely from the garlic chips. 

We actually topped up with the set of miso soup and chawanmushi; latter of which came strongly recommended by the service staff. Well, the chawanmushi wasn't the soupy type i prefer even though i guess there would be people who would rather have drier chawanmushi. Miso soup was normal. 

Bara Chirashi Don - I was in a dilemma earlier as thanks to Waa Cow; i couldn't resist bara chirashi don too when i see it on the menu! Sadly, it didn't manage to overthrow the position held by Waa Cow despite its extra toppings (crispies and furikake rice seasoning). Maybe the key is aburi (torched). 


200 Victoria Street, #02-50, 
Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021 
(Beside Chir Chir Chicken)

Gyoza - S$7.90
Gyu Don - S$15.90 
Bara Chirashi Don - S$16.90
Set - Add S$3.00
Green Tea (Hot / Cold, Refillable) - S$2.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

Additional Information
You may refer to my original posts on Kogane Yama here (for mixed tendon) and there (tendon, udon style)

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