Saturday, January 12, 2019

Aman Central Mall @ Alor Setar - A Short Post on the Biggest Shopping Centre in Northern Malaysia

My intention was to have a lengthier post on Aman Central Mall since not many tourists would make a trip to Alor Setar, state capital of Kedah, but i screwed up the settings on my camera and many photos had an orange tinge which i find hard to remove given my amateurish Photoshop skill.

Hence, i shall keep this post short with the limited photos i have. Spanning six levels, Aman Central Mall has three anchor tenants; Parkson department store, Golden Screen cinema and MyDin supermarket. You can also find Uniqlo, H&M, Popular bookstore as back of its retail offerings. 

I realized that as i get older, i don't really fancy shopping centres when i travel overseas unless there's something unique about it that i couldn't get from the dozen of malls we have in Singapore.

For example, i particularly like the sleeveless tees from brands outlet (BO for short). Aside from the fact that it's not found in Singapore, its pricing of 3 for RM 47.00 (about S$15) was unheard of in Singapore! 

Back in early July, Llaollao has returned to Singapore for less than a month but i didn't have time to check out the new outlet. Hence, i had a great time digging into its delicious yogurt soft serve when i saw a branch at Aman Central.

Lunch was at Nando's as it's hard deciding for four persons and i guess the reputation of their "Portuguese-style chicken dishes" has always been great; it would be less contentious than other restaurants. 

My order of grilled chicken tenders with mild spiciness which cost only RM 14.42 (inclusive of service charge and 0% GST). Regretted my choice as the texture was too hard for my liking and there's no skin! I should have gone with Alex's choice of 1/4 chicken. 

In case you are interested, menu as appended above. Do note that GST then was 0% although there might be changes now as GST has been replaced with another tax. 

I must have been hungry as i still managed to have coffee and toast from XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam. Check out my review here; love the kaya toast! 

Ended my visit to Aman Central with the exploration of MyDin supermarket which isn't commonly found in the major malls that Singaporeans patronize in Johor. Standard of living in northern Malaysia is lower and this corresponds with the pricing of most fast moving consumer products; i actually bought a few packs of coffee! 



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