Saturday, June 23, 2018

Taking the Rapid Train (Reserved Seat) from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport @ Hokkaido [Japan]

The non-existent grasp of the Japanese language can be a real inconvenience for foreigners when taking the public transport when the wordings on the panels were not familiar. 

Thankfully, there's always an English-translated version and that made it so much easier for us to navigate the complicated train network in Hokkaido. p.s. heard that it's a hundred times worse in Tokyo! 

Going through the gantry; it's emotional for me as i honestly didn't want to leave Hokkaido as the past seven days have been nothing short but spectacular. The only other time that happened was during my Taiwan trip

Taking out our train ticket to confirm the day (11 August 20170, the time of departure (6.31 am), the train (62), the carriage (no 4) and the seat (6C, for me).

Was about to walk up the stairs when i saw the stickers in red; "to a passenger with heavy luggage, escalator is located in the centre". I obediently u-turn as i didn't fancy breaking my back by hauling my luggage up so many steps! 

Our designated train - the rapid airport train series 733 which would bring us to the New Chitose Airport in 40 minutes; in comparison, driving a car would take over 50 minutes. 

Non-reserved carriage - which was more like our trains back home with a standing option. Although costing a third cheaper than the seats in the reserved carriage, i opted for reserved instead as we had quite a number of luggage and it's difficult to 'manage' them in a tight environment.

Reserved carriage - much more comfortable with a lot of leg space; frankly, i did contemplate taking a taxi which would have been preferred but taxis in Japan are crazily expensive! Just for that one hour ride, it would cost me more than S$150! 

I am definitely happy to make do with trains; even the higher-priced reserved ticket for two persons would still be cheaper by at least 70%.

Seat layout for the reserved carriage. 

A ticket holder for you to place your ticket and proceed to take a snooze as the train conductor would not have to disturb you to ask for your ticketing stub. 

Another eight minutes to go before departing and as expected of the Japaneses' stickler for punctuality; it left the JR Sapporo station right on time! 

Lastly, a set of photographs taken along the way while i was on the rapid train.


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