Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Disappointing Last Meal @ Food Court Wing in the International Terminal Building of New Chitose Airport [Hokkaido, Japan]

In my eight days in Hokkaido, the meals i had were generally pretty good with the exception of a minority few that although didn't make the cut; could still make their way down my stomach. 

Therefore, i was just hoping to get something decent for my last meal in Hokkaido before taking the plane and finally decided on a bowl of miso ramen from the food court in the departure terminal of New Chitose airport. 

It didn't come cheap at 850 yen (more than S$10) but i wouldn't have expected things to be cheap in the airport, except for maybe duty-free snacks.  And why did i choose miso ramen? Because this particular ramen style actually originates from Hokkaido

Food pager rang in about five minutes and i happily carried my bowl of miso ramen to my table and as with all soup ramen, i took a generous sip of the broth. While okay tasting, the broth was a bit too weak for the palate and that's disappointing. 

In addition to the obviously fully cooked half egg, the ramen had a hard texture and even the meat was too tough for my liking. It's actually rare for me not to clean up the entire bowl of ramen but in this particular case, i left more than a half bowl untouched and that said a lot about how i felt about the ramen.


Food Court Wing, (restricted to international passengers only) 
International Terminal Building, New Chitose Airport, 
Hokkaido, Japan

As above.

Miso Ramen - 850 yen

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