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FX Metrolink Makkasan Hotel - A Long, Overdue Review @ Bangkok [Thailand]

First and foremost, this is long overdue as the subject indicated since i stayed at FX Metrolink Makkasan Hotel almost a year back in August 2017! Hence, there might be some changes over this almost one past year.

The reason why i chose this particular 90-room hotel is due to its centralized location in between the city center and the airport and its convenience of being situated close to petchaburi MRT station and Makkasan station of the Airport Rail Link stations. Both factors were important then as i was only in transit (from Hokkaido to Singapore) for less than 24 hours!

From Makkasan station of the Airport Rail Link, it took us about 8 minutes' of walk to FX Metrolink and this involved going down the underpass that connects to petchaburi MRT station.

Checking in to the hotel; maybe due to its location, the standard of English is one of the highest i have seen for a hotel that's not of 4 / 5-star category.

Resident restaurant on the lobby level; my stay came with breakfast as my flight the next day was pretty early and i thought we might as well add it in for just a few dollars extra.

Got the keycard to room 501 and WiFi password!

Wah! In comparison to our tiny accommodation at UNIZO Inn in Sapporo, the space was a luxury and even the bed was the legit queen size!

There's a large window overlooking the busy cross junction and there's a pretty comfy chair for us to sip on a cup of tea while we mesmerized about our past few days in Hokkaido. Latter didn't happen obviously as we didn't have sufficient time in Bangkok!

A wardrobe, which we didn't have in UNIZO Inn, although we only had a backpack with us for the one night stay. In addition to the bathrobes, safe and hairdryer, there's strangely a mini-fridge in the wardrobe. Thought it's more common to have it near the tv console or the study table.

The usual - the hotel is managed by Furama International and branded as a boutique hotel; hence, some of the items are labelled with the Furama logo.

In-house massage service which we would have considered if not for the fact that i had already made  my mind to re-experience the super relaxing massage at Urban Retreat!

Bathroom - no rainfall shower and most importantly, don't have the Japanese bathtub that i had been extremely comfortable with using for the past few days at UNIZO Inn in Sapporo! :(

On our way to the swimspa pool and fitness room; otherwise known simply as the pool and gym, respectively, at the rooftop level of the seven-storey hotel.

Simple gym.

Pool had a fantastic view of the surroundings.

Only issue; it was more a humongous bathtub that honestly needed some cleaning and maintenance; you should be able to spot the yellowish stains in the photo above.

Breakfast time with a decent spread consisting of salad, toast, cereals and mains. Again, i am never much of a breakfast persona and if i need to kick-start my day, it's usually just toasted bread with jam and butter.

Which i did once again at FX Metrolink Makkasan Hotel; i did attempt the mains and must say the fried noodles were unexpectedly yummy!


57 Asok-Din Daeng Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, 
Khet Ratchathewi, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10310, Thailand

Location Map

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