Saturday, June 23, 2018

Flaming Wagyu Beef Bowl @ The Butcher's Kitchen Express in Suntec City Mall [Singapore]

Taking time-off from work to indulge in a highly-rated meal is pretty common for a few close friends of mine and we did that a few months' ago with the intention to check out the flaming beef bowl at The Butcher's Kitchen Express! 

We didn't manage to as the queue was simply too long and it's unfortunate that this was the same group of friends who joined me in the 2-hour wait for Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant! Anyway, i went back on a Saturday afternoon after lunch hour, found plenty of seats and no queue.

Remember, you have to place your order first before securing your seats.

The ordering counter which appeared to be more fast-food like. As there's only one cashier and it's our first visit, we spent a bit of time deciding what to have! It's lucky we didn't have a line behind us; if not, i can so imagine the cursing and swearing by them. 

'How to order' notice - do we really need it when the buzzer is now quite a common sight in Singapore? Oh well, i would recommend five steps for future update; to include step number 1 - don't find seats first. And print it out in AO size for placement right at the entrance. 

Not everything you want would be available. Again, i thought it would beneficial to print this out right at the entrance so that those queuing or walking past would know straightaway if the item they want is sold out. 

Time to get seating and there's ample of space! 

Since there's no queue, it didn't take long for the buzzer to light up; i think like less than five minutes after our ordering at the counter. Do bring along your phone when you approach the collection point. Why? You will know in the next few pictures.

A fire show and for someone who loved to play with fire in his young days; it's mesmerizing to see the blue flames rising from the alcohol saucepan. 

Followed by the shocking inferno! I honestly didn't expect this and got a bit surprised; even took a few steps back. I should bring Jovyn here so that i can capture her expression! 

Continuing the touching of the beef and the egg.

And eventually topping it with a stalk of parsley leaf. The entire process would leave you wide-eyed; as it did to me and it's obviously very instagrammable. My only regret was forgetting to take a video! 

Final product - the Flaming Wagyu Beef Bowl.

Can't complain about the mouthwatering presentation and i couldn't wait to dig in after craving for Japanese style beef bowl for the past few months! Mixing everything up before i took a big spoonful. 

Mmmmmmm... Well, it sure didn't recreate the expression on my face when i first had the gyu don from megumi or beef rice bowl from waa cow. For something that had been torched, the highly expected smoky, caramelized taste turned out weak and the Japanese rice, while mixed with furikake (a Japanese seasoning), failed to evoke a rice-eating frenzy. 

The thin slices of wagyu beef were medium rare on the undersides; providing a tenderness that, sadly, corresponded to a taste blandness with a touch of alcohol. Only saving grace? Each slice of beef was large and definitely worth the price we were paying for.

Nonetheless, i had my craving satisfied although i could have cleared it earlier by dropping by Waa Cow which is much nearer to my work place! 


Suntec City Towers 1 & 2 North Wing,  
#02-472, Singapore 038983

Operating Hours
Mondays - Sundays: 11:00 am to 10.00 pm 
(Closed Between 3.00 and 5.00 pm) ​ 
Fridays & Weekends: 11.00 am to 9.00 pm

Website & Instagram

As above.

Flaming Wagyu Beef Bowl - S$15.90
(Subject to GST)

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