Thursday, May 24, 2018

Using the Lockers at Maruyama Koen Subway Station @ Sapporo [Hokkaido]

In subway stations at Japan and Korea, i noticed they often have lockers and didn't quite understand why the commuters would need them until i went on a shopping spree at Shiroi Koibito park! Why?! Because i bought too much and didn't want to lug along my haul when i visited maruyama zoo

Instructions in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean and the prices were 300 yen for a medium-sized locker and 500 yen for a big one. Okay, i think the rate of about S$4 for the medium locker is decent and i managed to squeeze everything into it. Hurray! 

Having a physical key for a locker is so passe; in Japan, a thin slip of paper which you can place in your wallet is more than sufficient to do the 'security' job.

p.s. Do remember to keep the paper well; i bet it will be extremely inconvenient if you lose it. Hm.... if i take a picture, would i be able to retrieve my belongings? Anyone is willing to try? 

Retrieval was a breeze - press the red button on the control panel, scan the barcode on the slip and proceed to take out your stuff. I was so shagged out from visiting maruyama zoo that i feel i must pat myself for deciding to keep my bags of goodies in the locker! 


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