Monday, March 19, 2018

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House @ Northpoint City Shopping Centre [Singapore]

Northpoint in Yishun has become even more happening with the opening of the south wing that brought tons of eateries to the infamous town! Today, let me share my review of Patbingsoo which offers more than just the popular South Korean iced dessert.

Don't you just love menu showing bright and large pictures of the dishes available for ordering?! The only downside is when the real stuff appears vastly different when served to your table. Oh well, at least we know who to blame. 

After ordering, take the cutlery (and serviettes) from the drawer under your table. The restaurant isn't big and the optimal usage of space is necessary to create more walking space for diners! p.s. i already found the current layout to be a bit tight. 

Bibimbab (Pork) - i usually tried not to order a carbohydrate-rich dish but if i am with my parents, that would be a standard staple for them and the benefit for me is that i can sample a bit without feeling overly guilty.

Since mom doesn't take beef, i had to make do with the pork version and even though the serving seemed pretty generous with almost overflowing ingredients; the reality was that the bowl is small and i couldn't help comparing the size with the humongous yangpunibibipbap from 2D1N soju bang

Taste wise, it was honestly not too bad even though there wasn't an exceptional factor that impressed us. I would suggest that the eatery replaces the bowl with a bigger one; even if the portion for the ingredients is the same, it does make it easier for us to mix the ingredients as required to enjoy bibimbap. 

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings - i should have been more observant with the picture on the menu as the price of S$10.90 (before GST and service charge) for two whole chicken wings is indeed pricey and it didn't help that they weren't out of this world. For that price, it's more worth your money to go for 4Fingers that's located a floor above. 

Fried Samgyeobsal - with a recommended symbol on the menu and given my taste for deep fried food and pork belly, this was a definite must-order! The batter did look like it's thicker compared to the picture on the menu. 

Aside from being visually unappealing, this was a total letdown; it's somewhat like eating fish and chips with a disappointing batter surrounding a thin, rubbery piece of salty pork belly. One thing for sure; it's definitely "extra sinful" as indicated on the menu.

Kimbap (Pork) - out of the dishes ordered so far, i am most satisfied with the kimbap as it was a delicious amalgamation of rice, juicy pork, crunchy kimchi and fresh lettuce and cucumber! 

Euljiro Bingsoo - of course i had to get a bingsoo and no thanks to the recent news on rock melons contaminated with the listeria bacteria; Patbingsoo had halted the sale of Sinsa (rock melon) Patbingsoo and we had to defer to an alternative.

Drench the Korean ice-kacang with the small glass of berry cheese sauce and be ready to indulge in the luxurious shaved ice mountain that consisted of cheese cake, vanilla ice cream and many pieces of diced up strawberries! 

On one hand, I actually like this a lot as the tightly packed snow ice was rich in milk and i enjoyed having the taste of cheese cake (hidden underneath) together with milk ice and sweet strawberries in every scoop that went into my mouth! Mom, on the other hand, preferred loosely packed snow ice that's not as milky; taste can be so subjective. :)  



1, Northpoint Drive South Wing,
#B1-181, Northpoint City, 

Singapore 768019


Bibimbab (Pork) - S$11.50
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings - S$10.90
Fried Samgyeobsal - S$7.90
Kimbap (Pork) - S$10.90
Euljiro Bingsoo - S$13.90
(subject to GST and Service Charge)

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