Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jovyn's Class Performance at the Readers Theatre @ Toa Payoh Library [Singapore]

Time flies since Jerald's graduation from kindergarten and Jovyn's turn is coming soon at the end of this year; i couldn't help but feel old as i edge towards the big four o! 

Oh well, people age anyway and the focus of this evening's post is on jovyn's class performance at the readers theatre in toa payoh library. 

The kids assembling at one corner - so what made me go out on a weekend morning when i should be going all out to complete the last few episodes of a particular Korean drama i am chasing at the moment? 

Answer - because i am the uncle and it's always good to treasure the good moments when they were still young. Once they hit the puberty stage, the kids we once know would turn into teenagers with thinking that we might find hard to grasp.

I can only hope Jovyn can still be as cheerful, loving and caring when she grows up. 

Before starting the show, the hardworking teachers from the school (salute them for their dedication) informed the parents of the things they would need to do after the performance; something about giving other kids bookmarks or something.

Performers started strolling in and despite keeping a watchful eye on each and every one of them, i couldn't find Jovyn in the midst of the contingent!

Turned out it was an introduction on the performance schedule and the group consisted of a few eloquent students from two different classes. 

Official start with Jovyn jumping in with her Melissa shoes (honestly, i thought they were just cheap, plastic shoes from China) and holding on to a white, red rimmed cap.

She saying hi to her dad who preferred to sit outside, separated by glass panels. For better photo taking, i didn't have a choice and had to sit on the floor in the middle of the theatre.

One thing i am deeply worried about Jovyn; i often photographed her expressing signs of gangsterism! Would she become a da jie da (the big sister in a gang) in school!? 

Start with a poem - now, i can understand and will appreciate songs but once you dwell into poems, i am totally lost as i just didn't have that intellectual ability to process them.

Not sure if the kids understand the deep meaning of the poems too. 

Caught Jovyn making another hooligan gesture! Those who were not at the theatre might assume she was taking the lead in a gang fight! 

One moment she looked fierce and the next; she was all cute, innocent and demure! She still continued to have the flair for exaggerated expression; one that i covered previously here

The dancing component that all the kids enjoyed, especially the stomping of feet which i thought had severely affected the integrity of the decade-old building; the entire floor was shaking from where i was seated! 

Conclusion of the performance and Jovyn making a cheeky smile in front of my camera. She's very mindful of my DSLR and would stop and pose for pictures; Jerald on the other hand moves too much! 

A group photo with the performer! 

In my days as a kid, noise wasn't acceptable in a library and even a small growl from a hungry tummy can elicit a stern, i-will-eat-you-up stare from the librarian. Now so different; certain sections are used for performances / events and noise might be generated. 

Jovyn had a change of clothing - this is actually the second segment of their visit to the library; to pass bookmarks to other kids in the premises. Not just every kid; i think they were supposed to answer a simple question based on the attire of the giver. 

This is Jovyn's best friend in school - i have heard of his name and can finally put a face beside it now. As you can probably see, both are as cheeky and they laughed a lot while together! In life, i regret a lot of things even though i always believe in moving forward; one regret was not keeping contact with my friends in kindergarten and primary school. And now that i am closing 40, it's also a bit awkward to touch base when memory is already fuzzy. 

Hope it's not the case with Jovyn and her best friend in kindergarten.

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