Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cheap & Delicious Roadside Food near Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel @ Bandung [Indonesia]

In our first few days at Bandung, the food we had wasn't ranked top on our list and it's not because they were bad; generally, they tasted okay although it's a disappointment given that the city was known as a food paradise for many.

The impression changed only on our second last day when my family members decided to give up their negative presumptions and opted to have dinner at the roadside food stalls! We continued to be concerned about the hygiene condition but we figured that since it's our last night, we might as well jump in and take the risk.

Furthermore, as the cluster of food stalls was within a few minutes' walk from Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel (our accommodation in Bandung); we walked past on a daily basis and had noted a steady stream of customers at night.

We ordered from three stalls and i am going to share the picture of each stall for ease of reference. The one above is one for Mee Goreng! 

I lamented in the past few days that the Indonesian-style mee goreng i had wasn't the type i am accustomed to but the one here hit the nail on the spot; it had a robust flavour drenched with the essence of wok hei, wet and sweet yet spicy. Should have ordered a second serving! 

This was Joyce's choice of order and i didn't know what it offered as i don't recognize any of the words like lumpia basah ala harazaki. There was a number which i assumed to be a phone number for ordering.

Looking like a plate of noodles, it's definitely not what i thought it was since my elder sister is on a carbohydrate light diet and will not go for food with heavy carbo content. 

Have you guessed what it is? It's actually our local style popiah but unwrapped with a higher proportion of beansprouts that's stir fried with eggs! It's super aromatic and better than the rolled up popiah; an interesting spin-off that we should have in Singapore! 

A major food disappointment i had in Bandung was their satay - i had quite a few rounds and none was good enough for me to smack my lips; until i chanced upon this stall. 

10 sticks of chicken and 10 sticks of mutton on each plate. Pricing? 30,000 rupiah for 20 sticks which was just about 15 Singapore cents a stick! 

Doused with a smoky charcoal flavour, the sweet, marinated meat was much fattier compared to its Singapore's counterpart and given the high fat content, so yummy! Unlike Singapore's version, the satay sauce, tasted just like Singapore with diced onions mixed in, was poured over the satay. We should have gone for second helpings! 

Most important question: Did we get the runs?
Answer: No, we didn't! 


Along Jl. Merdeka, Bandung City

Mee Goreng - 15,000 Rupiah
Unrolled Popiah - 10,000 Rupiah
Satay - 1,500 Rupiah a stick

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