Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Visit Back to My Parents' Place for Dinner for Stir Fried Cabbage

Given my undeniable status as a mommy's boy, some friends wondered if i am surviving well after moving to my own place, especially when i am heavily dependent on my chef-worthy mother for food.

I do make an effort to visit weekly for dinner even though i would drop by randomly as we live like less than a five-minute walk away! Many a time, i would request for just ONE dish.

Her simple yet super delicious stir-fried beijing cabbage with luncheon meat! I used to eat them with plain rice but now that i am on a carbo-restricted diet, i have eliminated rice altogether for most dinners. 

This one plate of stir fried cabbage would actually be sufficient for dinner. p.s. at times, if i am famished, i would have two to three plates. 

But no, my mom will always whip up something just in case i need "variety"! I think it is an Asian mother's thing; they always think their children are perpetually in puberty stage and couldn't bear seeing their kids starving! 

Today, my mother cooked extra again; i was wondering what's in the rice cooker and habitually opened it only to reveal a full pot of curry chicken! 

I couldn't resist obviously and although guilty that i had eaten more than necessary, i am glad i managed to fight off the need for rice to go with the curry! Darn, now that i am writing this post, i have a sudden craving for the shiok curry chicken from Fu Xiang @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

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