Sunday, October 16, 2016

S. Bistari Changi Village Ayam Penyet @ Yishun Block 101 [Opposite the Famous Singapore Pools Branch in Chong Pang]

Like any normal human being, i am particularly attracted to signboards that include the word "famous" and would give the shop a try simply to see if the food is as good as claimed. 

I would have gone for burock roti john but as some loyal readers are aware, i absolutely love ayam penyet and since this hails supposedly from the famous stall in Changi Village, i couldn't resist ordering it instead.

Ayam Penyet - in Malay, it means smashed chicken and what appeared on my table was a flat piece of deep fried chicken thigh and drumstick! Would this be better than the one from the now-closed and greatly missed NurFir Nasi Ayam?

The fight was short as it felt as if the chicken was over fried, resulting in a dryness quite uncommon for thigh and drum. Meat was also a tad salty and the saving grace, in my opinion, was the thin and crunchy chicken skin.

What's more unique is the chilli sauce - it was spicy despite lacking the fiery red appearance and there's something extra; in the beginning, i couldn't put a finger on what it was even though taste was really familiar. It eventually dawned on me that it tasted a bit like BBQ sauce; those used for barbecue chicken wings in pasar malams! 

Thanks to their special chilli; i cleaned up the chicken rice! 


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5, 
Swee Sian Yuen Eating House, 
Singapore 760101

As above.

Ayam Penyet (Drumstick) - S$5

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