Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy (東味鮮美食閣) @ 55 Chai Chee Drive [Singapore's Bedok]

Celebrating Mother / Father's Day shouldn't be an annual affair and my family have always maintained that if one is filial, everyday is a father / mother's day! 

In relation to the aforementioned statement, we generally don't make a big hooha on both heavily-promoted events and choose instead to have a bonding family meal a week or two before / after said "day". For Father's Day this year, our choice for lunch fell onto the lap of Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy.

The recommendation came from a friend who commended on the good yet economically-priced dishes she had; two important factors when it comes to treating my stingy dad. Without further ado, let's start!

Salted Egg Chicken
My craving for salted egg chicken had intensified recently and although this wasn't as nice as the one at Singapore Polytechnic, it's sufficient to rein in the desire. Now that i have my own kitchen, maybe i should consider making my own! 

Fried Bee Hoon w Pig Trotter
As the signature dish, i knew i had to order it for the benefit of my family members. Unlike the amazingly good one at Melody's Kitchen, it was way too oily with a strong pig trotter flavour; absolutely not my cup of tea.

Four Treasure Tofu
By the time i took a bite, only the a few pieces of tofu were left. The texture and taste didn't disappoint and i remember it was filled with ingredients! The thickened sauce was flavourful and should be drenched onto your bowl of plain white rice.

Assam Fish Head
Another must order even though i was hesitant as i mentioned in many occasions; i am not a big fan of fish given their high pricing and i realised that with an oven, cooking frozen cod was a breeze!

Nevertheless, my parents matter more and i was glad i did order! The fish was fresh, meaty and most irresistible was the appetising sauce that had both spiciness and sourness perfectly complementing each other! Mix them into your rice too!

Dry Roast Sotong
It's been a while since i last had such good sotong. Aside from boasting an extremely tender texture, the seasoning used resulted in an enhanced taste that set it apart from its competitors. 

Dinosaur Pork Rib
Don't order this if you are expecting Chinese style pork ribs! This dinosaur pork rib had the appearance of ang mo pork ribs and tasted like one too! The meat fell off the bones easily and this feature would likely attract a few fans. I still prefer my traditional Chinese pork ribs; coffee, marmite etc.

Trio-Egg Spinach
I honestly thought this was a soup as it was too watery! Taste was bland but alright although i think a thicker consistency would help push up its popularity.

Butter Crab
Promotion was 2 crabs for $40 and you can only choose one style. Do note that the crabs were not big and you do have the choice to request for the bigger, more expensive crabs. For us, we were more than happy to take up the promotion and the style shall be.... butter! 

The butter was overshadowed by the garlic and i honestly felt this was underflavoured for a butter crab that should be wetter and with a chunk of tasty, sinful flavour.


55 Chai Chee Drive,
#01-174, Singapore 460055

Location Map
As above

Operating Hours
11am to 10pm

Menu & Pricing
As above. 

I couldn't find my receipt but my family was totally blown away by the price! I think in total, including rice and drinks, the 6 adults + 2 kids didn't pay more than S$150 for the entire meal! 

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