Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cleaning the Crocodile Den @ Dusit Zoo [Bangkok]

Do you know your crocodilians well? I know there are differences between an alligator and a crocodile but many, including I, do not put gharials, false gharials and caimans into the equation! 

Today, our focus is on a sub species of the freshwater crocodile family; the Siamese crocodile which is a relatively small croc with a "relatively broad, smooth snout and an elevated bony crest behind each eye". 

It reminded me so much of the diminutive Yangtze alligator i saw at Singapore's River Safari even though the latter exuded ultra cuteness; so much so that i would very much love to have it as a pet.

Anyway, i have my reason for creating a separate blog post and i assure i am not going to bombard you with academic writings on the crocs; it all started because of a commotion we heard as we neared the crocodile zone.

The shouts, the "cloaking" taps of the bamboo pole, the water splashes - attention seeking sounds that were not as shocking as seeing a few men IN the crocodile enclosure! A death defying stunt? Why can't they just stick to the "normal" animal feeding instead?

Within long, we got the full picture; the guys (obviously zoo staff) needed to get the crocs out of the water so that they can proceed to change the water and remove the floating dead leaves. 

Personally, i am wondering if such actions would be stressful for the reptile and at the same time, dangerous for the zoo employees. For zoo visitors, the experience was also extremely alarming (albeit with a tinge of excitement).

Maybe it's better to schedule such cleaning and maintenance works to after-operation hours. In the unfortunate event that something did happen, at least visitors (especially children) can be spared the torment. 

Even though the Siamese Crocodiles might not be as humongous as some of their cousins, i presume their bite can still be as life threatening and if i recall correctly, crocodiles can actually move quite fast on land.

You just need a split second for accidents to happen.


Dusit Zoo, Bangkok,

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