Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Caterpillar in the Office - Confirmation that I am a Natural Attraction for Insects / Reptiles

It's confirmed; i have been labelled as the culprit responsible for attracting fly, skink, gecko etc into the offices i work in. It's strange that i have such weird encounters when no one else has! 

Evidence - my manager found a caterpillar crawling on my collar this morning and this apparently confirmed her suspicion! Whatever the case, my expression was totally relaxed; it's only a small, harmless worm! 

I have no qualm playing with it despite the fact that i have zilch knowledge about caterpillars in general. It could be poisonous for all i know but people who know me well (Kelly for etc) would know my life is constantly in danger. 

It's weird, little moments like this that changes the mood of the day; from being stressed over work and renovation at home to thinking that life is more than just all the aforementioned. Anyway, i was keen to adopt pillpill (my name for the caterpillar) until it turns into a butterfly / moth but i was overruled.

With a heavy heart, i released it to the nearby outdoor plants. Maybe in gratitude, it would fly into the office once it completes its transformation. Awww, that would be so nice right?! Well, so long it doesn't lay eggs in the office. 

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