Friday, January 08, 2016

The Fried Dumplings @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre 王记上海小笼包

While waiting impatiently for the lady at the rojak stall to key in the number that signified the collection of my order, i couldn't help noticing that many tables have a plate of fried dumplings.

I didn't have time and stomach space to spare for the fried dumplings then but intentionally paid the same hawker centre a visit a week later for this same plate of fried dumplings!

My preference lies with crispy crusts that result in a loud crunch in every bite although i am aware that my expectations would have be different in this case as dumplings from Northern China tend to be pan fried on one side only!

What i didn't expect was the huge amount of meat juice encased within; thankfully, it didn't spurt out in an embarrassing manner like eating well made xiaolongbao.

Amazingly though, the fried dumplings tasted almost like xiaolongbao, albeit in the fried form (obviously). For those looking for a more satisfying bite than the petite xiaolongbao, this might just be the dish for you! p.s. the meaty broth wasn't as intense as its smaller counterpart; as the saying goes, good things do come in small packages. 


51 Old Airport Road #01-109, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre 

Nearest MRT Station 
Dakota Station (Circle Line)

Fried Dumplings (10s) - S$7.00

Other Stalls in the Hawker Centre 

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