Thursday, January 28, 2016

Renovation Part 1 - Time To Dismantle!

You know what would come next after the most expensive purchase i have ever made in my 35 years of life? Renovation! Given my penchant for spending (not saving), i didn't have any choice but to apply for a renovation loan from a bank! 

The application was approved with the cheque sent to me in December 2015. After deliberating between the quotations of two contractors, i eventually chose Nick from Renoguyz.

I would not be sharing my review for the contractor at the moment since it it still work-in-progress. However, this gentleman is renowned in RenoTalk forum for his no-nonsense advice and practicality. To put it in simpler terms, if he thinks your concept is stupid, he will point it out straight at your face. 

Nevertheless, let me continue with the progress of the renovation! The walls were hacked to increase the space for living room and master room; leaving me effectively with just one bedroom and no storeroom! 

It was a hard decision to make with regards to the storeroom as on one hand, i can be quite the impulsive buyer! On the other hand, i would now think twice before i buy anything that is likely to be chucked aside. 

Kitchen cabinets are finally removed and i am so curious on the final look! In the quotation, the carpentry for the kitchen takes up more than a third of my total renovation cost! Sweat and you know what's the best thing? My cooking is limited to instant noodles. 

New windows! Grilles would be up at a later stage. Initially, i considered saving costs by not having the metal grilles at the kitchen and bedroom; the thought of Jovyn and Jerald coming by my house for possible sleepover changed my decision. 

Cementing the floor that would aid in the installation of vinyl flooring. There were many discussions on the advantages / disadvantages of tiles versus vinyl and in my case, the lower cost associated with the latter was the determinant factor. 

Kitchen tiles are up - grey ones chosen at the most mind-boggling showroom for tiles; Harfary! Oh, tiles were said to be better for the kitchen (can wash down) even though i did cut some cost by going for overlaying rather than hacking and cementing. 

Enter the electrician - to remove all the electrical wiring which means i would have no lights when i visit at night. Thank god for the "torch" function on most smartphones! 

Quite a sight on the ceiling after the lights and fans were removed.

Making good the hacked wall. There is a lot of planning to do during renovation; sink should come in if you want to undermount it, aircon trunking should be coming soon etc. Without a contractor / interior designer, i think i am dead meat. 

My kitchen with a sink mount up and the wall tiles that were all plastered up. As usual, hacking it away means additional cost that i could ill afford. 

With the cement screed exuding the industrial theme that some homeowners like, i was almost intending to keep the cement screed. Thankfully, i prefer chirpy brightness over cold coolness. 

The only big problem i faced; the arrival of my taobao purchases!!! Bloody boxes are now taking up the free space in the living room of my parents' place! And Chinese New Year is coming next week! 


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM


    I happened to find your blog online it has been very informative especially for couples who are looking for trust-worthy and capable contractors/ID. May i know how is your experience with your contractor please?

    I have some questions on engaging a contractor and really hope you can share your experience with me. Look forward to your reply!

    1. Hallo!

      You may write directly to me at but you may wish to note that my renovation, although in the final stage, has yet to go through the defect liability period. :)


  2. Hi may I know which bank did u apply the loan from? And how long it takes for approval?

    1. Hi! I applied the loan at Maybank and it takes about a week, if i didn't remember wrongly. You may call Adriel at 9003-0303 for a quote. :)


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