Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Place to Shoot Top-Down Photographs of Chinese New Year Centrepiece @ Singapore Chinatown

In a few photographs i shared earlier in the posting on decorations for the upcoming lunar new year, i mentioned a fantastic spot to shoot the centre of attraction that's smacked in the middle of Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road.

The above is the location and many people usually don't access this level unless they drive! I don't park there; in fact, i am not even aware there's a multi-storey carpark within People's Park Centre (opposite Chinatown Point)! 

Unfortunately, time is not on my side this year and i doubt there would be a separate post on a night version for the above scene this monkey year. Nevertheless, you can try to access the level at night. 

Two issues though; one, the atmosphere can be eerie and not all the lifts are accessible. For the latter, that would mean climbing down the exit staircase, which can be nerve wrecking. The photo above has been adjusted for brightness; the original picture was a lot darker!


101 Upper Cross Street, 6th Floor 
(accessed from lift at main entrance facing Chinatown Point)

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