Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jumbo Seafood Platter from KT Grab & Grill @ Epic Haus [Lorong 8 Toa Payoh]

The original arrangement was for me to pick up my cousin and sister before we decide where to go for dinner. Turned out that my cousin waited quite a while for me to arrive and commented via whatsapp that she was literally salivating over the food served at this "ang moh" style kopitiam. 

She had made the decision for us then and here's the photo for the kopitiam; this kind of coffee shop is slowly catching up in Singapore. It's not the first of its kind; similar concept can be found beside Alexandra Village hawker centre. 

My cousin was most visually impressed with the fish and chips from KT Grab & Grill as the portion was huge, the presentation was restaurant standard and the price was only about S$15-ish. 

As i peered closer at the stall, three things stood out; it doesn't serve pork / lard, it has a certificate of award for fine culinary skill and lastly, it was featured in Buzzing Cashier 抢摊大行动 although i could not recall! Well, i am not exactly a TV addict nowadays. 

We almost wanted to order the fish and chips until i saw the above notice at the cashier. Now, seafood platter sounded a lot more appealing and at only S$28 for a jumbo, i thought we should give up our tummy space for more variety! 

I was informed that the jumbo platter was good for 2-3 persons but what i eventually collected 25 minutes later was in my honest opinion just sufficient for me, alone. 

My companions were as surprised even though we should have known; a mere S$28 for 3 persons for Western style seafood was too good a deal and there were prawns, mussels, fish, cuttlefish, baby octopuses etc.

Now's the taste test - the mussels were too fishy and the grilled fish, sea bream according to the notice, was overcooked and you don't get that juiciness that would have impressed my mom.

Cuttlefish rings were rubbery, yet again a sign of being overcooked; baby octopi were alright yet unspectacular. Sauce used to drench the seafood was a lighter variant of typical barbecue sauce. 

Strangely, the potato salad turned out to be much better and this's coming from a guy who doesn't go for potato stuff! 


In summary, all three of us regretted ordering the jumbo platter with my sister injecting that the seafood platter in fish and co, despite the higher price, was way better! Having written the aforementioned, i am not willing to discount KT Grab & Grill and still willing to check out its fish and chips! 

Block 211, Lorong 8 Toa Payoh,
#01-01, Epic Haus (Next to the hawker centre)

As above

Jumbo Platter - S$28 nett.

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