Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Flower Headband - The "In" Accessory in Yangshuo

I am not a fashion guru and have always preferred to buy dark-coloured clothing which is 'safer'. As i get older, the fashion sense eludes me even more and i often do not understand how some clothing design / accessories get to be so popular.

One of the things i noticed from my recent Guilin trip was the appearance of headbands sold at many places in Yangshuo, including tourist attractions. A normal headband would not have drawn much attention in normal circumstances but this was beautifully adorned with fake yet brightly vibrant flowers. 

They were insanely popular and i saw tons of the fairer sex buying and wearing them as a head accessory. On the rack, the headbands looked harmless and rather pretty; so much so that i almost purchase one for our cute little jovyn. 

In reality, once worn, the headband was quite a ridiculous sight. I don't know about you but every time i see a lady wearing one, i would instantaneously think of two Chinese words, 花痴 (go google anthomania) 


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