Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cantonese Style Porridge (英記廣東粥品) @ Old Airport Road Food Centre [Singapore]

In most instances, i wouldn't crave for Chinese porridge which is best eaten hot (not conducive for the hot and humid weather in Singapore) but it's a different story whenever the sky is tearing with the usually hot temperature dropping a few celcius!

I faced that exact same scenario recently at Old Airport Road food centre and it was just so appropriate to order from 英記 Cantonese Porridge then! 

Priced at S$4, my bowl of century egg lean pork porridge was served in a huge bowl that kinda of knocked me off a bit mentally as i had intention to order other food (fried oyster etc) for the sake of variety and this seemed a lot. 

Anyway, there are generally two major styles when it comes to Chinese porridge in Singapore; Teochew and Cantonese and although both have its good and bad points, the Cantonese style has always been my preferred choice for its smoother consistency and flavourful taste. 

This one from 英記 wasn't the best when it comes to taste and might be deemed as a little bland by others for its lighter flavour. However, the white-haired grandpa manning the stall was extremely generous with its ingredients; there were so many slices of lean pork and i guess the century egg put into the porridge was at least one full egg! 

I couldn't believe it; i was literally stuffed at the above stage and could only managed the "liao"; which means i didn't have the stomach to eat other delicious food in the hawker centre. Strong recommended that the porridge shared among two persons! 


Block 51, Old Airport Road, 
#01-93, Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre.

Nearest MRT Station 
Dakota Station (Circle Line).

Ordering Menu
As above.

Other Stalls within the Hawker

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