Monday, January 18, 2016

Bangkok Street Mookata - For Kopitiam Dwellers @ Epic Haus [Lorong 8 Toa Payoh]

While i was digging into the jumbo seafood plate from KT Grab & Grill in Epic Haus, i couldn't help being attracted by the many tables with mookata and the aroma was so enticing! 

Bangkok Street Mookata - it remained on my mind this past week and I returned yesterday evening to Epic Haus; this time bringing my parents along to try out the food. 

Dad had noodles for lunch three hours earlier and knowing i have a penchant to over-order, mum decided that the platter for two persons at S$22 nett would be more than sufficient. I am more kiasu, especially after that experience with its neighbour KT Grab & Grill and order a few more ala carte items. You know, just in case.

The service staff would need some time to apportion out the ingredients even though the rest of the stuff would be placed on your table within a minute from ordering! 

Two types of chilli would be given; the left was the typical one used for mookata although the one from this stall was a bit on the sour side whereas the right one would be suitable for those with a high threshold for spiciness. Wimps like me would opt for the left one. 

Insufficient chilli? I believe you can top it up! I don't think the staff would scold so long you are not tabaoing (takeaway) them for your own grilled food at home. 

I was a tad disappointed with the pork lard; isn't this a bit too stingy? On one hand, the more the merrier! On the other hand, my health conscious father with a knack for nagging was also with us. 

Let's start to grease the grill in anticipation for the rest of the ingredients! Honestly, i was famished as i purposely had a light lunch to cater for this sinful dinner. 

Our platter for two! 

The meat included marinated chicken thigh. marinated pork collar, king prawn, queen scallop, squid, fishball, crabstick and even shishamo! 

Non meat consisted of Chinese cabbage, sweet corn, golden mushroom and an egg. For S$22 nett, i thought the portion was quite alright. Anyway, you do have the option to add more. If there's anything you want to change, you can do so by informing the staff at the point of ordering.

My ala carte items served in stackable plates that saved a lot of space! Don't you just hate it when the plates of ingredients clutter up whatever space you have on your table!? There was once i didn't even have the luxury to put down my bowl of rice! 

In order of display - Thai maggie mee, golden mushroom, marinated pork belly (half gone already in the photo), king prawn and egg tofu.

Time to load up the gas powered pot! 

Meat in general tasted marinated albeit on the slightly (just that very slightly) bland side and i thought having a dash of sesame might help in its palatability. Marinated pork belly was rather delicious too with a sweet tinge to it. We did get the feeling that everything was fresh, particularly seafood like prawns and shishamo! 

The queen scallop caught us off for a bit as we didn't know if it would be more appropriate in the soup or on the grill. Given its size (no thanks to its size), the grill would be better off! 

Soup was a bit bland at first but this was to be expected. The essence of mookata lies at the end, when the meat juices from the grill had flowed to the soup! Crack the egg in and the taste was just divine! 

I would never have expected us to finish the container of soup which i guess was about 1.5 liters! Mom just kept asking me to top up and being the great son i am, i did.

Leaving the best for the last; the prawns! p.s. to enhance the flavour of the soup, do also throw in the prawn heads unless you love to suck their brains out. 


No payment is required until you are done with your food. Don't just walk to the cashier outside the stall; bring along the red photo frame so that they can trace your order! 


Mom was taken aback when she heard my total damage; she guessed S$50 but i only paid S$33! That's really economical for mookata even though i wasn't exactly full. My mother even suggested reserving a table at Bangkok Street Mookata for our reunion dinner! 

Block 211, Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #01-01, 
Epic Haus (Next to the hawker centre)

As above

Opening / Closing Hours
5pm to 3am
[Closed on Mondays]

Call 9655-5771

Order List / Menu
As above

Platter for Two - S$22.00
Thai Maggie Mee - S$1.00
Golden Mushroom - S$1.50
Marinated Pork Belly - S$1.90
King Prawn - S$3.90
Egg Tofu - S$1.90
Rice - S$0.80

Additional Information
There are four other branches under Bangkok Street Mookata and three are located at the far ends of Singapore.

To the west is Block 498, Jurong West Street 41; the east is Block 915, Tampines Street 91 and right at South is 44, Foch Road. Ang Mo Kio friends can also get their fix at Block 421, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10! For operating hours, refer to above! :) 

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