Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fresh Custard Apples Directly Imported from Taiwan - Now There's a Place to Get Them Right Here in Singapore; HaoHao Fruit!

It's an open secret that i love the king of fruits but there's another fruit top on the list and that's none other than custard apples! The most favourite species had to be the one i purposely hand carried from Taiwan last year; the pineapple custard apples! 

My heart was stirred when i received the above email; since i dislike asking friends / family members to buy things when they are overseas, i would not likely get a bite of custard apples until i am back to Taiwan, which could take years! 

I eventually got a box of ten after much hesitation and you can imagine the elation when i saw it on the table after work. Jun Hao, owner of HaoHao Fruit, has kindly waived off the delivery charge as he happened to be in the vicinity. 

With bated breath, i slowly peeled off the layer of Styrofoam sheet protecting the airflow custard apples. It's been a while since i last sank my teeth into one and i had been looking forward to doing so for the past few hours!

Like little babies wrapped in towels, they were still unripe at that moment and Jun Hao had suggested leaving them in the open for a day or two to speed up the process. Alternatively, i can keep a few in the fridge and they would still be good for another 5-7 days. 

Unlike pineapple custard apples i had in Taiwan, these were the usual custard apples at about 500 - 600 grams which could be purchased from some fruit stalls in Singapore; albeit at a slight premium pricing given the grade and its country of origin. 

Pineapple custard apples' season has yet to start according to Jun Hao and he would notify me once they are in. In the meantime, i would have to make do with the normal custard apples. :(


Online Purchase
Make your purchase at Aside from custard apples, you may also find Taiwan persimmons, Taiwan pomelos and many more!

Prices and Availability
Can be found on The custard apples i bought were priced at S$85 for a box of ten. Delivery charges apply unless you hit a minimal of S$120. 


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