Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tanglin Halt Western Food Chicken Chop @ Clementi Central Hawker Centre [Singapore]

Old school Western food stalls in hawker cenrtes have an allure that i often find irresistible and would make it a point to order chicken chop, which was counted as my topmost favourite for a period of time during my secondary school days.

In the case of Tanglin Halt Western Food, i am no stranger to their chicken chop although it's strange that i have never given it any credit in this blog! Its next door neighbour, Chai Ho Satay, was already reviewed back in 2011!

Anyway, the queue wasn't as crazy as Chai Ho Satay and it didn't take long for me to collect the two plates of chicken chop! A mental note of observation was immediately registered on my brain upon collection.

The portion of the meat had shrunk. And was there a bun before?! To be fair, while most hawkers have started increasing their prices over the past few years, the S$4.50 i paid for was incredibly reasonable. 

20 years ago, a typical chicken chop would be about S$4.00; hence, the inflation for this wasn't as stark as many other items. Sadly, in addition to the reduced portion, the meat texture was also dry and hard with little fats to lubricate the chewing process. 

Saving grace was their signature sweet and zesty sauce which was dispensed generously onto the plate. Also of credit was the small serving of crispy crinkle fries; dip them into the sauce for better enjoyment! 


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre, (金文泰448熟食中心) 
Clementi Ave 3, Stall No # 01 -11

Chicken Chop - S$4.50 a plate

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