Saturday, August 01, 2015

Turtle Watching - Last Part of the Morning Snorkelling Session with Perhentian Island Resort

When i caught sight of the two words "turtle watching" on the itinerary for the morning snorkelling session conducted by Perhentian Island Resort, i was expecting a visit to the turtle sanctuary. 

Hence, imagine my surprise when the speedboat stopped right in front of the resort, somewhere near the jetty; my immediate thought then was that the sanctuary was closed, we would be cutting short our session and the engine was facing problem. 

Nope, that didn't happen, thankfully. We were asked to jump into the deep water and observe the turtles in their natural habitat! Now, that's interesting, considering how elusive turtles are!

And i did see one on the seabed which was easily 6-8 meters below the sea; a depth that i could not reach given how weak i am when it comes to swimming! 

I attempted the zoom function of my underwater camera but as you can see, the quality was unsatisfactory! Anyway, there were about seven turtles living in the same area and luck would determine if you are able to see one and i should count my lucky stars to have been able to sight one! 

The guide was so nice! Upon sensing my frustration, he pointed to my camera, made a sign that he would dive and take a close up for me, which turned out to be really good! 


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