Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tohkai Yakiniku & Sushi - Satisfying the Japanese Food Craving @ Terminal 21 Bangkok [Thailand]

I remember vividly the wise words from a former colleague who hailed from Japan; "Japanese food in Bangkok is way better than Singapore and sometimes, superior than Japan".

With those words in mind, i was determined to try out a few Japanese eateries in my recent visit to Bangkok and it shall not include the overrated Fuji Japanese restaurant that was quite the disappointment the last round! 

The first large scale commercial stop for us was Terminal 21 shopping complex and after pondering on what to have, we decided on Tohkai Yakiniku & Sushi; don't ask me why, it was just the gut feeling. Or maybe it was the craving. 

Hot Green Tea
You usually won't see me writing about hot green tea as they usually don't deviate much from one another. This one too, except that the restaurant provided a tumbler of hot water so that i can brew the teabag multiple times; neat! 

Aburimono Salmon
These weren't as delicious as the epic ones from Standing Sushi Bar although they would do for that moment to satisfy the hunger for Nippon food; personally, i thought they would benefit from an extended round of roasting to enhance the flavour and aroma.

California Maki
Initially, they tasted a bit off and it was in the middle of chewing that the negative perception was drastically reversed; thanks to the quality ingredients wrapped inside the rice.

Ikura Nigiri
Pricey it sure was but from numerous experiences with the ikura nigiri, i usually encountered a fishiness at the tip of my tongue which was definitely off-putting. The ones here were different; they released the taste of natural ocean freshness! 

Salmon Sashimi
When i said i was craving for Japanese food, i was in fact referring to Salmon Sashimi! My almost non-existent knowledge of the written language means i have no idea whether this plate of beautifully patterned salmon sashimi is any special from the norm but i do know every slice was fat and chunky! Even the wasabi appeared to be freshly grated rather than the tube / packaged kind.

One word to describe: heavenly! Eating it the authentic way - put a bit of wasabi on the salmon, roll it up and then dip it in the soy sauce; it was indeed luxurious to have each fattening chunk slowly mashed up and sliding down the throat! 


L5, 5017, Zone San Francisco, 
Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 19 Alley, 
North Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110, 

Nearest BTS Station
Asok BTS Station (Exit 1)

Hot Green Tea - 35฿
Aburimono Salmon - 280฿
California Maki - 200฿
Ikura Nigiri - 190฿
Salmon Sashimi - 390฿
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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