Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Famous Bangkok Soi 19 Special Wanton Mee (aka Sabx2 Wanton Noodles) @ Bangkok [Thailand]

The instruction was clear and precise; enter Soi Petchburi 19 at Pratunam and you would be sure to chance upon a shop with a long queue along the way. 

Despite the skepticism, i must say it proved to be a no-brainer and i did manage to find the famous wanton noodles shop in no time at all as no other shop had anyone queuing outside! 

Only issue was obviously the wait under the hot sun; fortunately, it cleared pretty fast and i reached the "upper level" in about ten minutes. To be seated, it was a patient wait of another five minutes. 

A notice on the wall proudly proclaimed that the wanton mee was world's number one and for those hoping to beat the queue by going to another outlet, there's no other branch! By the way, i have no idea how the name Sabx2 came about!

Not wanting to waste my time in the city of angels, we opted immediately for the special wanton mee which cost 100 baht (about S$4) even though we had no idea at the point of ordering the unusual factors were! 

I must say that it was a one-mood moment when i peered into the bowl; happy. The special ingredient was presumably the crab meat and they sure didn't look as if they came from a can! And how could i even resist that generous amount of crispy pork lard! 

The sole disappointment was the thinly sliced char siew; lack of flavouring and in my opinion, they were added simply because it has been a tradition to have char siew in wanton mee! 

Noodles portion was little although i wasn't complaining; this shall translate into opportunities to have something different later on! Texture of noodles was extremely smooth but extra credit must be given to the wantons; they tasted sweet with a hint of crab-ness within. 

Leaving the best for the last! The juicy crab meat and pork greaves were major contributors to the overall experience and being a pork lard and seafood lover, i must say this was hands-down the best wanton mee i ever have!

I would have licked the bowl clean if not for the two strangers in front of us (table sharing is a must for sole diner and small groups). For your information, the petite gal seated in front of me had all three bowls (regular) to herself! 


Location Map
As above

Opening Hours
9am to 3pm

Wanton Mee (Regular) - 60 Baht
Wanton Mee (Special) - 100 Baht

Additional Information
Aside from ordering extra bowls, you may also check out their pig trotter rice which was said to be another specialty. I am no big fan of it but to be fair, i can see a plate on most tables. 

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