Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Snorkeling Right Outside Perhentian Island Resort!

It's quite a contradiction when snorkellers choose to avoid snorkelling right outside the resort as "in-house" snorkelling can be much more rewarding sometimes! 

Today, i am going to share underwater photographs taken at the private beach of Perhentian Island Resort - my choice of accommodation in my recent trip to the Perhentian Islands

Given the masses that congregated typically in a resort setting, there was truthfully nothing much to see under the water in the beginning. You have to venture deeper, further. 

With a sharp eye, you can still spot a few camouflaged experts in action. Key is to stop moving your body and catch the subtle movements!

Some would attempt to hide from you and you may wish to surprise them! Haha. By the way, do not be too excessive in your trickery as the marine creatures might just suffer from a heart attack. 

Now, this is a bit hard to spot. I was about to delete this photo but i know i would never have taken a picture of a boring rock! There must be something; see if you can find it! 

The sea bed 'suckers'; 

Things appeared rosier when the calcified rocks came into view. 

A green lipped giant clam was within touching distance! Unfortunately, i am a curious man and would go ahead to brush against the "lips"; wondering if it would taste good if steamed, stir fried or raw. 

Should i live in the ancient times of dynastic China, there's a good chance i might have been poisoned and died in my teens as i would likely be the "curiousity kills the cat" kind of person. 

However, i do have my limits! Even though i am extremely intrigued by the spikes of the sea urchins, i have yet to try sticking one of them into my skin. Note the word "yet".

Better landscaping although still generally surrounded by wide expanse of sand. I was snorkelling alone as Alex went for a massage and i do have a fear of deep water, which would surge when i am not with anyone. 

The fear dissipated miraculously when this came to sight; a large anemone with at least three clownfishes staring at me defensively. 

And i chanced upon not one but a few other clusters of anemones with clownfishes! I am aware clownfish is really protective of their homes yet i was taken aback by their aggressiveness! 

Their body language and expression could have been translated to a human middle finger! If i can hear them speak, i would totally believe if the words were mostly vulgarities!

Close-up photos of the clown-fishes - surprisingly, they turned out strikingly beautiful! 

This was the farthest i went since there was no one at all and i presume that no one would notice i am missing if a great white decided to make me lunch. 

Initially thought to be a jellyfish although it seemed to have grown from the rock! 

Did you discover the bugger that was hiding from me?! It stayed motionless for a long period of time as if it was mindful that my watchful eyes were fixated on it. 


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