Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Satay Guan (源沙爹) -Superbly Good Pork Satay! @ Whampoa Drive Hawker Centre [Balestier, Singapore]

Many travel guides on Singapore recommended checking out hawker stalls with a queue for good food but this theory is only about 70% accurate; i have had food like carrot cake that simply didn't justify the 40 minutes wait! 

And despite the manpower crunch, some of the hawker stalls still maintain the old tradition of sending the food to your table; hence removing or at the very least, drastically reducing the chance of seeing a long queue - which was exactly the case at Satay Guan. 

The lack of a queue did put me in a dilemma as there were a few other stalls at Whampoa Drive Food Centre that had a long string of customers and i really didn't want to waste my calories on food that couldn't make it! However, the aromatic allure of charcoal grilled satays proved to be irresistible and a order of 20 sticks of pork satay was served! 

My best satay stall hailed from Chong Pang hawker centre and i hereby declared that Satay Guan has officially taken over the spot! Appearance wise, the incredibly thick chunk of pork fat was already an eye-pleaser! 

What i absolutely love about the pork satays was their soft, juicy tenderness; clearly an indication of the operator's expertise in controlling the time they stayed on top of the hot charcoal. The marination was at an optimal sweetness and it was a shocker (at least to me) that the satays were not even extremely charred yet tasted totally heavenly! 


Block 90, Whampoa Drive, 
#01-13, Whampoa Drive Makan Place 

Pork Satay - S$0.60 a stick (minimum 10 sticks)

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