Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nasi Lemak - Better than PappaRich and Old Town IMO @ HomeTown (klia2)

With a name like hometown and selling similar fare, i am expecting a lawsuit pretty soon for infringement of almost identical trade name by the powerful Old Town group.

In the meantime, let's just stick to the name hometown, which came strongly recommended by my young sister who frequented Kuala Lumpur airport often due to work commitments. She swore by the nasi lemak and said i must try it if i ever transit at klia2.

Lemon Blackcurrant Drink
To keep the post short (running a fever at the moment and needing the sleep), the lemon blackcurrant drink i had was quite good although i am as satisfied with the aluminum Ribena pack.

Nasi Lemak
With fried chicken drumstick and fried egg, this was the cheapest on the menu and from the visual overview, it didn't generate much appetite and i must say i was a bit disappointed. 

But you just need to dig a little at the rice to get the feel of a nice coconut aroma! I mixed it with a dash of sweet sambal chilli and a bit of fried chicken; result was the moist of coconut-milk infused rice perfectly complemented by the chilli's spiciness! One word: good!

The chicken drumstick was a letdown though; yes, it was crispy and such although the flavouring can be tastier; somewhere along the line of the ones from chong pang nasi lemak (which by the way, were damn oily) would be a bonus. 


Lot L2-113, 

Lemon Blackcurrant - RM 6.80
Nasi Lemak - RM 21.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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