Sunday, August 02, 2015

Day 0 of My Perhentian Island Trip 2015

As  indicated in the travelogue, it was an insanely long wait for a cab at Clementi but no matter what, i managed to hop onto one eventually and within 40 minutes, i can see the iconic Changi Airport control tower loomed ahead of me!

The dazzling light installations were quite impressive even though the designs brought back nostalgic memories from the past; Alex hated them though.

Rushing for the flight means i didn't have time for anything else! Taking a flight right after work was so exhausting and i am unsure if i would do the same thing again..

43 minutes were all the plane took to fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Extra time was wasted as the pilot missed a turn and we had to circle the runaway another time. Well, you cannot expect the gigantic plane to make a U-turn right?

Duty free shop! Alex was keen to spend some time here and waste his money on expensive snacks but i stopped him in time as i was craving for some badly needed sleep!

Apology for the blurred photograph - my objective was to show you the directional signage that actually showed you the way to Tune Hotel!

Unlike Changi Airport, klia2 had a full-fledged shopping centre by the name of Gateway@klia2. No time to shop though; as explained above, i am in need to close my eyes and i figured the extra time i allocated for our return flight from klia2 to Singapore would be sufficient to check out the mall.

Reached the taxi stand; however, there didn't seem to be a direct pedestrian route to Tune Hotel even though the hotel was right in front of us!

Retrace few steps back to within the mall where you can find an escalator to your left.

Take it to level one and you would find a sheltered walkway all the way to the hotel; that's convenience to the max!

We went all the way to the basement as i thought that was the most logical and chanced upon the counter area for rented cars! There's a convenience stall as well where Alex finally managed to stock up on his unhealthy snacks and drinks.

Arrived at Tune Hotel @ klia2 where i can put my brain to some well deserved rest. For my review of the budget hotel operated by AirAsia, click here

For my travelogue to the Perhentian Islands, check out the link here!

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