Monday, August 31, 2015

Chic-A-Boo Fried Chicken @ Sembawang Shopping Centre [Singapore]

Fried chicken from Texas Chicken, Arnolds, Popeyes, KFC and even Waffletown has taken root in Singapore over the past few years (in some cases, decades) and with so many dining establishments serving the same kind of meat in the same style with varying flavouring and seasoning, it's hard to imagine that another one had entered into the foray! 

Chic-A-Boo Fried Chicken - okay, i don't think it's that new but for me, it's the first time i am actually checking it out after hearing pretty good reviews from a Facebook friend whom i have yet to meet, face to face. 

The decor for the fast food restaurant at Sembawang Shopping Centre appeared to be quite familiar and it's after a few seconds that it dawned on me what it was supposed to be! 

In direct relation to the poultry that made up its menu, the decoration at Chic-A-Boo was to visualise dining in a chicken barn! In real life, i doubt any of you would want to be caught digging into a fried chicken drumstick while being surrounded by possibly thousands of live chickens. 

Aside from ordering at the counter, do try the fuss free method over the self service kiosk! It was a breeze to use and i can even make payment using NETS! 

Note your order number and collect your food from the pickup counter once the number is reflected on the LED display. This shall help to circumvent the issue of manpower shortage faced by many food outlets. 

Cheezy Fries
After having endured the usually soggy cheese fries from KFC, i must say i am darn satisfied with the ones here. It had the right thickness, the optimal crunch and although better than KFC, i would have enjoyed them even more if mayo was included!

Onion Rings
Too thick a batter and even though i have always enjoyed the crispier texture, it overshadowed the pungency of onions which i placed strong emphasis on when it comes to onion rings. 

Favourite & Hot N Spicy Fried Chicken
Now coming to the star of the shop, we had half a dozen with three favourites and three hot and spicy. p.s. no choosing of parts. Since i ordered via the self service counter, i am assuming favourite means "original" in the KFC context. 

The spicy fried chicken in KFC was really nothing to scream about when you compared them to the hot and spicy from Chic-A-Boo! "Favourites" had a more manageable peppery aftertaste and it's strange that the one snack that came to mind was "twisties".

I couldn't quite decide if i like the fried chicken or not as there were advantages and disadvantages; chicken meat was fresh, juicy yet not as oily as Arnolds but the sinful skin was a tad less flavourful vis-à-vis Arnolds.


604 Sembawang Road,
#01-02, Sembawang Shopping Centre

As above.

Cheezy Fries - S$3.50
Onion Rings - S$2.00
Favourite & Hot N Spicy Fried Chicken - S$12 (six pieces)

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