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Tune Hotel - My Review @ klia2 [Malaysia]

Tune Hotels is a chain of budget hotels owned by AirAsia and from the very beginning, i was aware that its operations are similar to its low-cost airline cousin; you want air conditioning, extra charge; towels and / or toiletries, please pay a nominal fee etc. 

To me, those things are basic amenities and hence, i have never checked out Tune Hotels until i badly needed a place to tide over the night at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2)!

Blessed with the advantage of being conveniently located right next to klia2 (as you can attest from the above photograph), Tune Hotel @ klia2 also contrasted from the rest by offering towel, toiletries, air-conditioning, television and WiFi as part of the basic room deal. 

I was expecting a drappy looking check in counter but it wasn't the case. Painted with AirAsia signature red colour, it drew your attention immediately upon entering the building.

For a budget hotel, i must admit the decorations screamed of boutique hotel standard and i was almost tempted to ask for the price of the designer-quality chairs and lights.

Aside from checking in with a physical person, you may save your time by self checking in! I only realised the existence of the machine when i was done with the physical man! Notice the two television screens above the machines?

They displayed the information on flight departure and arrival; helpful when you are about to check out and saw on screen that the bloody flight was delayed or something. 

Got our room; 247.

With about 400 rooms, each level was a labyrinth although i was just glad to see that it wasn't the eerie type of corridor that often sends shivers down my spine!

Keeping in mind the ten taboos when staying in a hotel, i was mindful to give the door a customary knock before stepping in. Oh my gosh, i love the decoration! 

Frills free it might be but the colour scheme, the furnishing and the layout were to my liking! I absolutely detest it when hotel operators put the power sockets far from the bed, especially when my phone is running out of juice.

You may also find an in-room safe which i used to find quite redundant! Nowadays, i utilised the safe for my passports and sometimes, my camera and lens as they could take up quite a bit of weight in my backpack.

By the way, the room came with a ceiling fan too! Don't play play, the brand is KDK okay! I am having mixed feelings about ceiling fans; i often have that nagging thought that it would break off when i am sleeping...

Hangers with no closet; to me, this was more than sufficient. In fact, i never quite understand the need to have a wardrobe in lower star hotels; it's not like most of us are going to bring along formal wear when we are on vacation! 

The television with its multiple cable channels. Alex had the tendency to switch on the television throughout the night and i woke up to the chanting of prayers at Tune Hotel.

Free WiFi! 

I am as fussy when it comes to the washroom and am pleased to announce it was clean and brightly lit with a separate shower area. 

In addition, there was a hair dryer as a bonus. Thought this would be charged separately although i seldom use the hair dryer; more likely requested by my mom. 

Toiletries in this case refer to the toilet room, the tube of shampoo and a small bar of soap, i think. 

As i was on a short stopover, i didn't have sufficient time to check out the amenities of Tune Hotel @ +KLIA2 even though i noted a big courtyard in the middle of the building where occupants can chill out at night.

Those hungry in the middle of the night can pop by the 7-11 on the ground floor of the hotel. There was also a restaurant and bar on the same level. 


Lot Pt 13, Jalan KLIA 2/2, 
64000 KLIA, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Hotel GPS Coordinates
2.719, 101.71

S$81.82 a night via

Additional Information
The air-conditioner in our room didn't seem to be working with minimal air flow despite us setting it to the lowest possible temperature. As there was no phone, we had to physically go to the check in counter to request for help.

Things didn't work out and without thirty minutes, we had a switch to another room. Same layout, albeit flipped; well, at least the air-conditioner worked.

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