Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tiramisu Hero Cafe - Amazing Waffles Woo! @ 121 Tyrwhitt Road [Jalan Besar]

The combination was weird; cats and fishes do sound perfect together yet i have never heard of cats loving tiramisu so much that it's a mascot for this tiramisu-themed cafe near the now-demolished Lavender Food Square.

However, there's more to the story about the street cat by the name of Sir Antonio. I am not going to share more about the feline whose sole direction, apparently, was to bring the best tiramisu to everyone! 

Its target group is obviously the tiramisu lovers; of which i don't belong to. Those who know me well would know i dislike tiramisu and often lament i would be better off with a cup of coffee. 

Whatever the case, that's only me. For Ms SaNeVa; it's a different case as she has always been keen to check out quaint little cafes (expensive hobby in my opinion) and unlike me, enjoys tiramisu. By the way, the nicely crafted number signifies the table number for ease of ordering by the staff! 

Your receipt would be placed at this toothpick holder which was really neat! Payment would be made at the counter after you have eaten your fill. Please find as follows what we had that day! 

Undoubtedly, this was Vanessa's order (flavour was bailey i think); i took a spoonful grudgingly and honestly thought this was more inline with the cake in the jar rather than tiramisu. Tasted quite good to me although staunch tiramisu lovers might think otherwise. 

Genmaicha Tea Latte
It was just the right weather for a serving of hot and fattening green tea latte! Opted for the gemaicha as i wanted something different from my usual. Turned out the brown rice added an invigorating special fragrance and would have been ranked second among green tea latte (first is still the one in Jeju) if not for the bitter tartness when i reached to the bottom of the cup. 

Waffles Woo!
Topped up S$4 for two scoops of vanilla ice cream, the aroma of freshly baked waffles hit us as soon as it was placed on the table! It's been a while since i last had waffles and i was really looking forward to this!

Oh my gosh, this was delicious! The honey (i thought it was maple syrup) had already soaked the waffles but the amazing thing was that the crust remained crispy and the insides exploded in my mouth with buttery love! 

Two scoops of ice cream were excessive actually; nonetheless, it wasn't overly sweet like most conventional vanilla ice cream and when i queried on its brand, the staff replied that it came straight out from a factory and didn't have a brand. 

Despite having a filling dinner at the nearby Cheng Mun Chee Kee, i didn't face much difficult in cleaning up the wooden plate. Not a problem at all when faced with such marvellous waffles! 


I so want to check out the all-day breakfast the next time i visit! 

121 Tyrwhitt Road
(near the old Lavender Food Square)

As above

Operating Hours
11pm to 10am (Daily)


MommaHero (Premium Flavour) - S$9.50
Genmaicha Tea Latte - S$6.00
Waffles Woo! (with vanilla ice cream) - S$11 
[Subject to Service Charge]

Additional Information
In store purchases were available; some of them were quite interesting and included souvenirs with the images of Sir Antonio in the event you find him irresistible. :P

Do check out the washroom! When i opened the door, i was surprised and at the same time, mesmerised by the many coloured cotton balls hanging from the ceiling! It's like entering into the kiddish realm of a cheerful wonderland!

There's something else you can do with the 3D head of Sir Antonio, aside from posing with him, giving him a kiss on his lips or putting your pinkie in his nose.

You can be him! 

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