Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teluk Kekek - Part 2 of Our Morning Snorkeling Session @ Pulau Perhentian Islands [Malaysia]

From Shark Point, Teluk Kekek was merely a few minutes away and while i was still recovering from a slight bout of nausea, it's already time to jump into the water!

In spite of the depth, water clarity at this snorkelling spot was the best so far and this was obvious from the first few photographs taken from my underwater camera.

'Structural wise', Teluk Kekek was blessed with a wide variety of corals, at least from snorkelling standards. Those hardcover divers might beg to differ, i believe.

Chanced upon different clusters of sea anemones; no thanks to the movie, Finding Nemo, i was on the lookout for any cute clownfish that might happen to just peek in between the tentacles! 

Got one; albeit a small one. 

The usual sea urchins! Have i mentioned before that a starfish has never been spotted in ALL my snorkelling expeditions so far?! Aside from seeing a few at human-built aquariums (like SEA Aquarium), the only time i got to hold one was at located-in-Singapore Chek Jawa!

Eyes of the sea urchin; very alien like right?! Sea urchins are a delicacy in Japanese cuisine; known as "uni", the way to extract its meat was, in my opinion, similar to cracking open a durian!

Fishes, there were spordic displays of them; nothing impressive enough to make my jaw drop. Surprisingly, i managed to get a much wider variety of marine life near our choice of accommodation; Perhentian Island Resort.

I did notice something unique; these bristle-like stuff on the rocks. At first look, don't you think that they are like miniature toilet brush?!

Could not pinpoint a name to the above although i am pretty sure i have seen the feathery-like item on television many times! 

View of the bay - as expected, i have the tendency to leave the others behind and swim at my leisure towards the shore. My land nemesis is the snake and judging from the closeness of the trees to the sea, i am as worried that a snake would fall into the water! 

There's one practical reason for my behaviour; the nearer we are to shore, the shallower the sea. This bodes well for a person like myself whose height isn't even 'average' by Asian man standard and, the fact that i am quite a lousy swimmer. 

I am not the only one apparently even though i got a feel that those persons standing on top of the rocks were just weak swimmers who required occasional rest on stable ground. 

One noticeable fixture under the sea at Teluk Kekek was the numerous appearances of huge calcified boulders! Many photos for your reference as there's only so much i can write on snorkeling!

However, i must say the underwater experience for landscape beauty at Teluk Kekek was the most spectacular among the five snorkelling spots we were brought to for our snorkelling packages!

Anyway, we spent a long time at this location and had to rush to our last spot, which wasn't exactly for the purpose of snorkelling. 


For my summarised itinerary of my trip to Perhentian Islands from Singapore, click here


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Perhentian Islands seems wonderful destination for snorkelers. Beautiful pictures! Just wanted to share some educational thoughts for protecting the reefs. You should never stand or walk on coral, as seen in one of your photos. Standing on coral will start the dying process that will kill the coral slowly (one step could kill one square meter area of coral). So always float or stand only on sandy areas of the bottom. And if you can´t do that, please wear a floating vest. And never touch fishes, sea cucumbers or turtles etc., because touching them will cause harm for their skins and can cause diseases or deaths. And feeding, especially with bread or banana, causes troubles to fish and to the reef eco system. So let´s protect the reefs and enjoy underwater beauty without harming it.

    1. they were amazing and thanks for your advice!


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