Sunday, July 19, 2015

Karma Hits - The Story on Kangaroo

My family is a strong believer in karma.

Let me share with you a story in relation to our subject title today that happened a long time ago; when my elder sister, Joyce, was still in secondary school. Back then, she would often sport marks on her arms and there was a particular day that the marks would extremely noticeable.

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I was a heavy drinker of full cream milk and hence, blessed with fingernails as hard as nails (pun unintended). Every time my sister bullied me, as all elder sisters do to their younger brothers, i would sink my fingers into her arms.

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When friends commented for that particularly noticeable day, her reply was: "i visited Australia and these injuries were the scratch marks from a crazy kangaroo". My nickname, for a period of time, was hence kangaroo!

Wait, so what connection do we have with karma?! 

Fast forward to the current moment, specifically yesterday afternoon, when i made the mistake of irritating Jovyn, our dearest bulldog-cheek kid, who was an even bigger milk drinker!

She sank her fingernails into my skin and i am now the bearer of a mark that appeared ever so often thirty over years ago. Let's hope this unacceptable act is a one-off occurrence but i could not help thinking we have another kangaroo in the family.

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